Spice of Sevan
Food Truck Restaurant Branding
Spice of Sevan is a food truck branding project including a logo, branding assets, menu design, poster design, and exterior food truck design. Through these assets, Armenian and Middle Eastern cuisine is highlighted while also sharing aspects of Armenia's traditional visual language. Every design choice is informed by Armenian culture, whether its the color palette, traditional patterning, or food presentation. 
Visual Identity
Information Hierarchy 
Logo Design
Print Design

Aug 2023 (2 weeks)
Personal Project 
Adobe Creative Cloud
Final Deliverables 
Signage "Quick-Menu"
Combining all of the design assets, (logo variations, illustrative embellishments, patterns, and typography), this signage was designed in order to give customers a "Quick Look" at the most popular items on the menu accompanied by images of the food for those unfamiliar with some of the traditional Armenian dishes.  
Designing a Colorful Eye-catching Menu
Spice of Sevan's menu neatly organizes the food dishes based on their various categories, uses simple iconography and labeling systems for user ease. The menu is designed to be decorative but not distract from the information. 
Front of Menu
Front of Menu
Back of Menu
Back of Menu
Implementing Patterns in Simple Package Design
These food packaging designs illustrate the usage of varying logo types. The body of the package is decorated by the geometric and illustrative pattern. 
Packaging V. 1
Packaging V. 1
Packaging V. 2
Packaging V. 2
Design Assets
A Closer Look At The Primary Logo

Annotated logo graphic breaking down logo elements

Four Types of Logos Used Across The Design Deliverables

Image of four different logos created for brand identity

Ornaments and Illustrative Assets

Image of illustrations and boarder patterns

Want a Deeper look into the Design Process?
Research and Process Booklet
To take a a look at the research, design process, and cultural context of this project, please flip through this flip-book below! You will find information on how this project is personally and culturally relevant to my Armenian heritage. 
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