Diverse BookFinder Rebrand 
The Diverse BookFinder Rebrand was created in collaboration with the UF MINT Studio, which is a student-led, faculty-supervised studio that connects student design teams with clients locally and abroad. 
My team members and I worked for Diverse BookFinder (DBF), which is a comprehensive collection of children's picture books featuring Black and Indigenous people and People of Color. DBF's searchable database is designed for educators, parents, and readers. 
DBF wanted to redesign their branding to encompass an expanding audience of K-12, rather than just Elementary schoolers. I, along with three fellow designers and five stakeholders, collaborated to create a full brand identity and 70-page branding guideline.
Visual Identity
Brand Guidelines
Client Relations
File Handoff
Jan 2023 - Apr 2023
Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Slides

Final Logo
After a multitude of iterations and careful deliberation, our team along with the DBF stakeholders chose the "Block Letter Logo". Its adaptable design makes it suitable for use on its own or in combination with text. The logo captures a playfulness while still remaining professional, making it the perfect option for our wide array of applications.

Annotated Logo

Developing Brand Assets
We developed a brand package, that includes the logo, iconography, color palette, and formatted guideline book.
Full Comprehensive Brand Guideline
This comprehensive 70-page brand guideline covers an array of brand-related details, including copywriting guidelines, branding principles, and the sanctioned techniques for presenting our developed brand. It merges DBF's earlier documentation on various accessibility standards with our own branding vision, providing a thorough exploration of the brand's potential growth over time.
The guidelines are crafted in a way that ensures usability by anyone, even those new to the brand or unfamiliar with it, such as new employees responsible for implementing the brand. After completing our project, we printed the guideline for the team, allowing them to reference it whenever they need to create DBF content.
To view the entire guideline book, flip through the E-Book below. 

E-flip book of Full Brand Book

Creating a Fun Color Scheme
Our sprawling color scheme aims to reflect the diversity of DBF, as well as its commitment to covering a spectrum of needs and uses. Each color is web-accessible on both a white background and an off-black background, allowing a fool-proof way for anyone with the brand toolkit to make an accessible, brand-approved piece of media.
Informative Iconography 
We created four icons to demonstrate the four main functionalities of Diverse BookFinder. These icons are intended to be displayed on the homepage of the website as a guide. 
Collection Analysis Tool (CAT)
Collection Analysis Tool (CAT)
Search Tool
Search Tool
Source of Critical Data
Source of Critical Data
Unique and Circulating Collection
Unique and Circulating Collection
Versatile and Colorful Graphics
In addition to the complete design assets, we also created additional isolated graphic illustrations that can be used in a variety of applications including social media posts, flyers, website pages, and more. 
Designing for an Expanding Audience
The stakeholders at DBF requested a new logo that would retain the colourful energy of the of the original but that took accessibility and professionalism into account. 

Screenshot of DBF's original branding on their website.

Making Our Designs Accessible
Accessibility was crucial, not only to our clients but also to us as the designers. Because of this, throughout the entire design process we considered the various ways our designs were or were not accessible. By working with DBF's accessibility specialist, we were able to ensure that the new logo met color, form, and type standards for accessibility. 

Our logo filtered through different color blindness visibilities

The Design Process
Iterative Design and Constructive Critique 
With our design insight and abilities along with our clients design vision for their brand, we were able to create a large body of logo iterations. Our design process involved multiple rounds of drafting where we carefully considered elements such as color, symbolism, and composition.

Flowchart of Logo Iterations

Collaboration: What Drove Our Project Forward
This project wouldn't have been able to come to life without our entire design time. Each member put forth their best ideas, drafts, and design talents to create the body of work that we did. Additionally, we were able to gain crucial feedback from our clients due to our student-led weekly meetings. 
Our team collaborating to create logo drafts
Our team collaborating to create logo drafts
Screenshot of Zoom meeting with out-of-state client
Screenshot of Zoom meeting with out-of-state client
Final Thoughts
Working with Diverse BookFinder was an extremely beneficial opportunity for learning client relations, team collaboration, and long scale work. I am very proud of my teams role in this incredible organization!
Want to see how we implemented this rebrand to DBF's website? Click Here!
Thank you for reading.
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